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Maryland Work Zone Accident Lawyer

Car crashes that occur in a construction zone or work site can be referred to as different names. These accidents could be referred to as industrial auto accidents or crashes, workplace auto accidents or crashes, construction zone auto accidents nor crashes.

Roadwork is being done all over the State of Maryland on all major roads such as I-495(commonly referred to as the Beltway) or I-95. Roadways continually need maintenance to keep safe for vehicular travel. Once any additional elements are added to a roadway, such as a construction site, a flagman, construction debris, heavy equipment, orange cones, flashing signs, or even weather, the roadway can be more challenging to navigate for some drivers. Each additional element that is added will make driving even more challenging. When approaching these construction sites, motorists would typically see warning signs, markers and possibly flagmen. In some cases, concrete barriers (sometimes referred to as Jersey Barriers) could be used as well as fences. If motorists are not paying full attention to all of the signs, markings and flagmen, serious injuries can occur. Research has shown that speed is a main contributing factor involved in accidents. When a construction zone is also included as a factor, excess speed can be dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle, workers in the area, pedestrians in the area, other vehicles on the roadway and even heavy equipment operators. Any unsuspecting person is potentially in danger if an approaching vehicle is being operated improperly.

Victims in the work zone accidents include the driver and occupants of the vehicles involved in the collision. Sometimes pedestrians are involved as construction happens on all roadways on cities and highways alike. In these construction zones, depending on the time of day, there could be workers on the project. Have you ever wondered why fines are increased in work zones? Fines are increased as a type of enhanced penalty to strongly advise and encourage people to slow down and be mindful of their speed in these construction and work zone accidents.

Not all construction sites have just one construction company at the place of the accident. In many construction zones, there are multiple construction companies on the job site. One job site could have a General Contractor and many subcontractors for each of the sub specialties involved. Each of the construction companies involved could have employees and heavy equipment on the site of the accident. It is important to gather as much evidence and take as many photos as you are able. Important information would be the names of all witnesses and companies at the job site. If any other vehicles or heavy equipment were involved in the accident, the most pertinent information to know would be the owners, operators and insurance companies for all parties involved.

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Compensation for victims in the personal injury case includes past lost wages, future lost wages, past medical bills, future medical bills and non economic damages such as pain and suffering. Your Maryland work zone lawyer can identify the proper defendant and help you make a claim for your personal injuries and damages.

If you are in need of a Maryland construction zone accident lawyer, please reach out to he one of the Lawyers at Foran& Foran, P.A. for your case.

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