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Firm Verdicts & Settlements

It would be virtually impossible to list all the cases where large jury trial verdicts and/or sizable settlements have been obtained for the last several years by Foran & Foran, P.A. and/or its predecessor firm. Below is a sample of some that have occurred. There are many more but this list will provide you with information for some of the results obtained for firm clients. We have omitted the names of the parties to protect the confidentiality of clients. However, the results below are from real cases. A lawsuit was filed on most of the cases referenced even if the case subsequently settled prior to trial.

  1. Dump Truck/Bicycle Accident $3,750,000 settlement.
  2. Negligence case resulting from a dock plate being dropped on client's foot. The injuries involved complex regional pain syndrome and reflex sympathetic dystrophy as well as severe nerve damage. The case settled just prior to trial with a structured settlement worth more than $2,000,000 to our client.
  3. In 2011 John R. Foran obtained a verdict totaling $1,049,396.28 in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. He represented a mother and daughter who were rear ended by a drunk driver. The mother’s verdict was for $1,024,396.28 and the child’s verdict was $25,000.00. The mother suffered severe head injuries. The child had soft tissue injury.
  4. Confidential settlement just prior to trial involving the death of a minor and injuries to the mother of the minor as a result of failure to warn of a dangerous condition of property. A structured settlement was used and could pay out significantly more than $2,000,000 to the Plaintiff.
  5. Wrongful death case. Jury verdict for a total of $1,000,000.
  6. Misdiagnosis leading to partial paralysis. Judgment exceeded statutory cap. Reduced to $925,000.
  7. Misdiagnosis of breast cancer $900,000.
  8. Automobile/Truck accident on Route 214. Jury verdict on liability. Damages settled with a structured settlement where Plaintiff to receive approximately $850,000.00 in payments over her expected lifetime.
  9. Brain injury to child at birth $850,000.
  10. Surgical error causing abscess leading to death $725,000.
  11. Misdiagnosis of melanoma $600,000.
  12. Nerve damage at birth $530,000.00.
  13. Surgical error causing nerve avulsion $500,000.
  14. Left turn case in front of Plaintiff. Cash and guaranteed structured settlement proceeds totaling $473,662.10. Injuries to minors. Structured settlement with present cash value of $280,000. Annuity payments will yield much more to Plaintiffs over long term.
  15. Misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer $500,000.
  16. Automobile accident where defendant crossed center line and collided head on with Plaintiff. Ankle injury. Settled prior to trial for on structured settlement basis for expected payout in excess of $500,000.
  17. Misdiagnosis of liver cancer $425,000.
  18. Workers compensation permanent disability award for multiple injuries including head, neck, back. Worth in excess of $400,000 present cash value
  19. Workers compensation back injury $400,000
  20. Misdiagnosis of colon cancer $385,000.
  21. Workers compensation permanent disability award. Worth in excess of $375,000.
  22. Brain injury during birth $350,000.
  23. Automobile accident. Settlement before trial with structured settlement payout of $310,546.00.
  24. Final order entered whereby payout, when added to prior workers compensation lump sum settlement of $60,000, totaled $349,600.
  25. Automobile accident involving cervical disc injury. The case settled at a mediation conference just prior to trial for $300,000.
  26. Misdiagnosis of colon cancer $300,000.
  27. Workers compensation permanent disability award for $297,675.00
  28. Failure to properly perform coronary workup prior to surgery $285,000.
  29. Automobile accident. Injury to lumbar disc. Settled just prior to trial for $250,000.
  30. Misdiagnosis of aneurism. Jury verdict of $250,000.
  31. Slip and fall in apartment building. Settled just prior to trial for $250,000.
  32. Septic shock during procedure $235,000.
  33. Workers compensation permanent disability award $233,967.
  34. Slip and fall on wet bathroom floor $225,000.
  35. Automobile accident $170,000.
  36. Slip and fall injury on construction site. Arbitration award of $150,000.
  37. Misdiagnosis of embolism $150,000.
  38. Slip and fall case on deck of beach house in Delaware . Foot injuries $140,000.
  39. Automobile accident involving disc injury $136,335.65
  40. Workers Compensation carpal tunnel syndrome. Settled for $133,053 plus past lost wages and benefits on appeal.
  41. Worker's compensation permanent disability award $130,000.
  42. Surgical error. Injury to bile duct $125,000.
  43. Workers compensation. Multiple injuries. Case settled for $115,000 plus open related medical treatment for the rest of claimant's life.
  44. Pharmaceutical error. Client given wrong medication $110,000.
  45. Products liability case. Engine on tractor caught fire $100,000.
  46. Workers compensation permanent disability award. Worth in excess of $100,000
  47. Automobile accident $100,000.
  48. Automobile accident involving disc injury $100,000.
  49. Automobile accident. Left turn in front of client. Settlement before suit in the amount of $100,000.
  50. Automobile accident involving partial paralysis. Settled for policy limits of $100,000. No other source of recovery.
  51. Automobile accident involving disc injury $100,000.
  52. Motorcycle accident $100,000.
  53. Automobile accident case. Settled before suit in the amount of $100,000.
  54. Pedestrian struck by automobile in parking lot. Case settled at mediation conference just before trial for $100,000.
  55. Judgment obtained for minor after $93,000.
  56. Automobile accident on Old Georgetown Road $92,000.
  57. Settlement for injuries to minor passenger involved in motor vehicle accident totaling $84,000.
  58. Workers compensation case for past lost wages in excess of $80,000
  59. Slip and fall case in commercial building $74,000.
  60. Suit filed for negligent care in facility $68,000.
  61. Passenger in vehicle involved in collision. Case settled just before trial for $40,000.
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