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Single Vehicle Accidents

Injury Attorneys for Drivers in Prince George’s County

While most auto collisions involve two or more vehicles, there are a significant number of single vehicle accidents that occur in Maryland as well. Generally, a single vehicle crash results in damage to only one vehicle. These types of accidents may be caused by road or weather conditions, a tire blowout, driver fatigue, and other situations. Although many people assume that they will be responsible for the damages arising from a single car accident, that is not necessarily true. Depending on the circumstances, the loss may be covered by insurance, or damages may be sought from the person who caused the accident. At Foran & Foran, P.A., our Prince George’s County auto accident lawyers can advise you of your legal options after a single vehicle accident. We have the dedication and resources to help you pursue compensation you may be owed.

Single Vehicle Accidents

A single vehicle accident occurs when only one vehicle is damaged or otherwise involved in a collision. However, this does not automatically mean that the driver of that vehicle is solely at fault for the accident, nor that no one else may be liable for damages in a single vehicle accident. Described below are some factors that may cause a single car accident and possible grounds for legal recourse.

Phantom Drivers

A “phantom driver” is an unidentified person who causes a car accident without ever coming into contact with another vehicle. These types of accidents are known as “no-contact” or “miss-and-run” accidents. They may occur, for example, if another driver drifts into your lane without warning, forcing you to slam on your breaks or swerve sharply to avoid a collision. If you lose control of your car, you may end up crashing into a guardrail or another fixed object. Often, the phantom driver will continue driving, either under the assumption that they have no responsibility to stop, or totally unaware that their actions contributed to a single vehicle crash.

When the negligence of another driver is the proximate cause of a single car accident, that driver may be liable for the resulting property damage and personal injuries. If a phantom driver cannot be identified or located, your damages may covered under your own insurance policy. A lawyer can explain any potential claims you may have following a single vehicle accident.

Unsecured and Fallen Cargo

All drivers, particularly commercial and delivery truck drivers, have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner, which includes properly securing any cargo for transport. Objects in the roadway are often dangerous and can easily trigger single vehicle accidents. Flying cargo and loose objects thrown from an open-bed truck can strike a moving car, obstruct the windshield, or cause a driver to swerve off the road. If the operator or owner of a commercial truck or other vehicle failed to secure or balance its cargo, enclose loose materials, or was otherwise negligent, they may be held liable for causing a single vehicle accident.

Road Defects

Potholes, crumbling asphalt, fallen tree limbs, and faulty road design can cause single car accidents. Typically, the county or local government is responsible for maintaining safe roads and eliminating unreasonably dangerous defects and conditions. While governmental entities generally have immunity from lawsuits, there are some exceptions. An attorney can provide honest answers about your options.

Discuss Single Vehicle Accidents With a Prince George’s County Attorney

If you were involved in a single vehicle accident, you may be able to recover medical expenses and other losses. At Foran & Foran, P.A., we are prepared to investigate any potential claims you may have after an accident. Our auto attorneys can assist people located in Prince George's County and Montgomery County, including Bowie, Greenbelt, Laurel and South Laurel, District Heights, Upper Marlboro, Rockville, and Silver Spring, as well as Baltimore. Arrange a free consultation with a Prince George's County injury lawyer by calling Foran & Foran at (301) 441-2022 or contacting us online.

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