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Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents occur everyday in Maryland. It can be a simple fender bender or a highway closing tractor trailer accident. Regardless of the severity of the accident, auto accidents can and will happen. What causes these accidents? More importantly what can be done to help prevent accidents? Our firm wants to raise awareness on important safety issues when driving in order to hopefully help keep Maryland’s roads safer.

Are You a Reckless Driver?

What exactly is a reckless driver? A reckless driver operates their vehicle with no regard to their own safety or the safety of others. This careless behavior puts the reckless driver and those around the driver at a higher risk of being involved in an automobile accident.

Do you travel at high speeds? Speeding can be extremely dangerous. Speeding doesn’t allow for the driver or other drivers sufficient time to react if an unexpected event occurs. What if the driver next to the reckless driver has a tire blow out? If the reckless driver was speeding there may not be enough time to properly react in safe manner.

Driving too fast for existing conditions may not technically be speeding but it can also be just as dangerous as speeding. In times of poor road conditions, such as a snow storm, fog, or heavy rain, it is much safer to travel below the posted speed limit. Poor road conditions might also suggest the driver proceed below the posted speed limit. Traveling the speed limit during a snow storm could put the driver and those around him at risk because of slippery roads. Stopping and turning can be problematical because of slippery conditions. Likewise, during a dense fog or heavy rain fall a driver may not be able to see the road clearly and thereby could easily lose control of his vehicle because of impaired vision.

Obsessive lane changing can also put a driver and those around him at a higher risk of an auto accident. Changing a lane properly takes time to look in rear view mirrors and over one’s shoulder to make sure there are no automobiles approaching closely and to assure the driver there are no other vehicles in blind spots. Changing lanes quickly without taking proper time can pose an unnecessary risk of accident for anyone close to the driver. What if someone else was trying to change lanes at the same time?

Drunk Driving

Every thirty minutes someone in the United States dies from an alcohol related auto accident. The numbers are horrifying but its true – drinking and driving kills. In 2006, over one million people were injured from auto accidents which involved alcohol. If a person is drinking alcoholic beverages, they simply should not drive. Either using a designated driver or a taxi cab to take one safely to his destination is a much safer alternative, not to mention avoiding criminal charges if an accident was involved. There is absolutely no excuse to drink and drive. Not only could one hurt oneself, innocent victims are also frequently involved. In Maryland, if one are charged with a driving while under the influence of alcohol, he or she could pay thousands of dollars in legal fees and face serious jail time depending on circumstances.

Product Liability & Auto Accidents

What if the accident was not due to driver negligence but was due to a defect in the automobile itself? In some cases the car accident manufacturer may be responsible for the damages caused by the defect. If a manufacturer created a defective automobile that caused injury, the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries sustained from the accident. In October of 2000, Firestone recalled $6.5 million dollars worth of defective tires. Over 3000 injuries were caused and 250 deaths were reported. Studies have shown that these particular tires had a much higher failure rate and when the tires failed during driving they sometimes caused the car to roll over.

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