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When to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer

You may have seen commercials on the television. You may have also seen advertisements in the yellow pages. Law firms advertising their services to help accident victims. You may have never thought of hiring a lawyer to represent you, that is until you have been involved in an auto accident. Accident victims may find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated. As if the tragedy of the accident was not enough now you may now have to fight to be fairly compensated. Unfortunately for accident victims, insurance companies will not pay you what you rightfully deserve. This is because insurance companies fight very hard to keep as much of their money as possible. They will try and find any excuse they can to deny your claim. If they can’t easily fully deny your claim they will always do whatever possible to limit your recovery and drag the process out as long possible.

What can be Done to Fight Against the Insurance Companies?

Our law firm fights hard for your rights. Our team does not charge a fee until we recover a settlement or win a judgment for you. The insurance companies have an entire legal team to fight for them, we will fight for you. If you have a minor or serious injury it becomes much more important to make sure you are fairly compensated. Some injuries take months or years to fully heal. Many injuries require therapy, treatments and surgery. Who should pay for all of this treatment? Your auto accident lawyer will fight on your behalf. The insurance company for the negligent driver has a responsibility to pay for all of your damages. We will protect your rights.

What can an Auto Accident Lawyer do for You?
  • Help you file your claim
    Not sure where to start? Feel you are being taken advantage of by the insurance companies? It’s normal to be confused after an auto accident. The insurance companies are aware most victims are unsure on what to do. They use your confusion to their advantage. If the negligent driver’s insurance company calls you, simply ask them to speak to your Maryland auto accident lawyer.
  • Deal with the insurance companies
    We handle auto accident cases on a daily basis and understand how to fight against their tactics. Our team fights to help you receive the maximum value for your case. If the insurance company does not negotiate an acceptable offer for you case, we will take them to court. Just because the insurance company refuses to pay, it does not mean you are out of luck. A denial from the insurance company just means they will not pay voluntarily.
  • Fight for maximum benefits
    Studies have shown that many cases have a higher settlement when a auto accident lawyer is representing the injured victim. If you do not have an auto accident lawyer you may not be aware the insurance company is under paying your claim.

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