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How To Handle Your Maryland Workers Compensation Case

If you were injured in a work related accident, the experienced Maryland workers compensation lawyers at Foran & Foran, P.A. are ready to help you file a Maryland workers compensation claim to help you get the compensation that you are entitled to and deserve. We have been handling injury cases in Maryland including Greenbelt, Bowie, Laurel, Upper Marlboro, Hyattsville, New Carrollton, College Park and Beltsville for decades. We have almost 70 years of combined legal experience.

The types of injures we have handled before include but are not limited to soft tissue injuries, disfigurement and scars, broken bones, paralysis, head injuries, internal organ injuries, burns, lacerations, brain injuries, death, spinal cord injuries, hearing loss, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, broken ribs, ptsd and depression.

After your accident, it is important that you give written notice to your employer and save a copy for yourself. In a Maryland workers compensation claim, the notice requirement for workers compensation claims is 10 days for an accidental injury or 1 year for occupational disease cases. Failure to provide notice to your employer can be a complete bar to any recovery, so you must be certain to give notice to your employer properly. If you have any questions regarding the manner of which notice must be given, please contact the experienced Maryland workers compensation lawyers at Foran & Foran, P.A. regarding how notice must be provided.

After timely notice is provided to your employer, you must choose a treating physician to treat you for your injuries. In a lot of cases, the urgent care facility that saw you after your initial visit may give you a name or may even try to continue to treat you. You must consult the experienced Maryland workers compensation lawyers at Foran & Foran P.A. regarding your specific case and the fact pattern for your case so that you are taking the appropriate steps in your case. There are pitfalls that could be costly to you and your case if you are not aware of your rights in your case.

In a Maryland workers compensation case, you can choose your own provider for treatment. You should contact the experienced Maryland workers compensation lawyers at Foran & Foran, P.A. to start your case. Whether you contact an experienced Maryland workers compensation lawyer or not, the claim filing procedure for Maryland workers compensation claims must be followed. Just because you have a claim number with an insurance company does not mean your rights are protected and a claim have been properly filed with the State of Maryland.

The claim filing procedures for filing a claim in the State of Maryland are as follows:

All attorneys filing a claim for an injured worker must file the claims electronically for the injured worker through the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission website. Pro se claimants can mail a hand written copy of the Maryland workers compensation claim form (WCC form C1) to the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. Filing of a claim is considered timely when it is filed within 60 days of the date of your injury. This 60 day period can be excused for up to two years from the date of the injury for good cause shown. After the claim is filed with the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission, the MDWCC will notify the employer and the insurer of the claim being filed. An employee’s claim form will be generated and sent to all parties. There is a consideration date on the lower right hand corner of the employee’s claim form. This consideration date is the date your employer and their insurer have to respond to the claim. This consideration date is 21 days from the filing of the claim. This 21 day period is considered the investigation period. If you have provided proper notice to your employer, this investigation will likely have already been partially completed. The employer and insurer can either accept the claim and pay benefits or contest the claim and file contesting issues. If the claim is contested, and timely issues are filed, the case will be set for a hearing. Any time issues are filed for that matter, the case will be set for a hearing. At the hearing after contested issues are filed, the employer and insurer will have the chance to present their reasons for contesting the case. The injured worker can testify and also present medical records. The Commissioner will review all evidence and testimony and make a decision. If the case is lost, the injured worker has a right to appeal. If the case is won, the injured worker is entitled to benefits which are discussed herein.

When your case is in the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission, the cases can be heard for issues such as temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, authorization for medical treatment, payment of medical bills and other issues. Contact one of the experienced Maryland workers compensation lawyers to discuss your case.

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