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Laurel Motorcycle Accidents

Laurel Lawyers Representing Parties Hurt in Motorcycle Accidents

Laurel is home to many historic sites and scenic views that motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy observing from their bikes. Unfortunately, Laurel also has many dangerous roads and intersections, including Interstate 95, US Route 1, and MD 197, 198, and 216, and collisions on these roads are common. People involved in Laurel motorcycle accidents often suffer critical injuries, as they do not benefit from external protection as they would in other vehicles. Fortunately, in many cases, parties injured in motorcycle crashes can seek damages from the party responsible for the collision. If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident in Laurel, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The dedicated Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers of Foran & Foran, P.A. can advise you of your rights and aid you in seeking justice for your losses.

Getting a Police Report Following a Laurel Motorcycle Accident

Evidence establishing liability is a key element of any lawsuit arising out of a motorcycle accident. As such, people hurt in Laurel motorcycle collisions often wish to obtain any reports drafted by the police that pertain to their crash. For accidents investigated by the Laurel Police Department, parties must visit the Central Records Division of the Department, which is open from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Central Records Division is closed on holidays and weekends.

Reports cost $10.00 per copy, which can be paid using Visa, Mastercard, money orders, or cash. Individuals can only request reports in person, and the requesting party must show a valid identification card issued by the government in order to obtain a report. Insurance companies can send letters requesting reports on behalf of their insureds as well. The letter must state the insured’s name, the report or case number, and any relevant information and must be accompanied by the $10.00 report fee in the form of a money order or business check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The address for the Central Records Division of the Laurel Police Department is 811 5th Street Laurel, MD.

Elements of Lawsuits Arising Out of Laurel Motorcycle Accidents

People hurt in motorcycle accidents often wish to hold the person responsible for the accident accountable for their losses. Typically, this is accomplished via a negligence claim asserted in a personal injury lawsuit.

To establish negligence under Maryland law, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty. The duty may arise out of statutory law or may be the obligation to act with reasonable care in consideration of the present circumstances. The plaintiff then has to show that the defendant breached the duty owed in some way. For example, if the duty requires a driver to maintain a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of them and the defendant failed to do so, it may constitute a breach. Finally, the plaintiff needs to establish that the defendant’s breach directly caused the plaintiff to suffer actual harm. In other words, that the plaintiff’s losses would not have occurred if the defendant had upheld their obligations.

In addition to police reports, the plaintiff can use evidence such as eyewitness accounts, accident reconstruction, and surveillance footage and video to establish fault. A plaintiff that successfully demonstrates a defendant’s liability may be awarded compensation for their economic and non-economic damages.

Meet with a Trusted Laurel Attorney About Your Accident

Motorcyclists have the right to ride their bikes without fear of harm, but they are unfortunately often injured in collisions caused by the negligence of other drivers. If you suffered harm in a Laurel motorcycle accident, you might be owed compensation, and you should speak to an attorney. The trusted Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers of Foran & Foran, P.A. are adept at helping people harmed by the carelessness of others recover damages, and if you hire us, we will work tirelessly on your behalf. Our office is in Greenbelt, and we regularly represent people hurt in motorcycle accidents in lawsuits in Laurel and other cities throughout Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. You can contact us to set up a confidential and free meeting by using our online form or calling us at (301) 441-2022.

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