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Greenbelt Auto Accidents

Attorneys for Motor Vehicle Collisions in Greenbelt

Greenbelt, Maryland is a suburb of Washington, D.C. and the intersecting point of several major highways, including the Capital Beltway and Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Its proximity to the Capitol means a daily influx of traffic and commuters through Greenbelt, as well as a significant number of car wrecks on I-495/I-95, Greenbelt Road, Kenilworth Avenue, and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Bumper-to-bumper traffic on some of the most congested highways in the nation has led to road rage, aggressive driving, and fatal accidents in Greenbelt. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, a Greenbelt auto accident lawyer can help you pursue damages for your losses. At Foran & Foran, P.A., we understand that a bad car wreck may have a devastating impact on a person’s health, career, and financial situation. We are prepared to fight on your behalf to recover the compensation you deserve.

Police Jurisdiction and Accident Reports

When an accident occurs on a roadway, street, or parking lot in Greenbelt, the police will respond by either dispatching officers to the scene, or contacting the appropriate jurisdiction. Accidents that take place on the Capital Beltway (Interstate 95/Interstate 495) within the city limits of Greenbelt are handled by the Maryland State Police, although Greenbelt police officers may provide assistance with traffic control. The United States Park Police is responsible for investigating collisions that occur on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (Route 295). Jurisdiction over the remaining roads, including accidents on Greenbelt Road, Cherrywood Lane, Hanover Parkway, and Kenilworth Avenue, is with the Greenbelt police.

The officer that arrives on the scene will gather the facts necessary to create an accident report. The accident report is an official record that provides information such as the time, date, and location of the collision, the names and addresses of the vehicles’ occupants, driver license and insurance details, any motor vehicle violations, road and weather conditions, and other factors that may have contributed to the accident. The report also contains a diagram and brief description of the incident.

The accident report can be useful in determining the cause of the accident, contacting witnesses, and discovering other relevant evidence. Generally, only the individuals involved in the collision and certain interested parties may obtain an accident report. An auto accident attorney based in Greenbelt can explain the process and assist in requesting a police report.

Compensation for Injury Accidents

Auto accidents can result in bodily injuries to drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. Substantial and ongoing medical expenses arising from accident injuries are not uncommon, and may cause financial hardship for those involved. Moreover, accident victims may be unable to work for a period of time due to their injuries. Although auto insurance may be available to cover medical treatments and loss of income after a car wreck, filing an insurance claim can be a challenging and frustrating process. Fortunately, you may hire a lawyer to represent you in pursuing your claim and negotiating a fair settlement from the insurance companies.

If your insurance claim was denied, your lawyer can file a personal injury action in court against the insurance companies and other potentially liable parties. In a typical car accident case, the plaintiff must prove that the other driver was negligent or at fault in order to succeed. Negligence may be shown, for example, with evidence that the defendant was driving well over the speed limit or committing a traffic violation, texting while driving, or simply failing to pay attention to the road. The plaintiff must also prove that the defendant’s negligence was the proximate and actual cause of the accident and resulting injuries.

Contact a Greenbelt Injury Lawyer After a Wreck

If you were involved in an automobile or semi-truck collision, you may have legal options to recover your medical expenses and other losses. At Foran & Foran, P.A., our Greenbelt auto accident attorneys have decades of experience litigating personal injury cases. We represent people located throughout Prince George’s County, including Greenbelt. Schedule your free consultation today by calling Foran & Foran, P.A. at (301) 441-2022 or contacting us online.

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