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Bowie Workplace Accidents

Bowie Lawyers Helping People Injured at Work in the Pursuit of Benefits

Bowie is one of the fastest-growing cities in Maryland, and numerous companies choose to base their operations in Bowie. Many Bowie businesses develop safety standards to ensure a secure work environment for their employees, but even in workplaces where people exercise due care, accidents often occur. Bowie workplace accidents can result in significant harm that causes not only physical pain but also a substantial loss of income, excessive medical bills and permanent injuries. Fortunately, many people hurt on the job can recover workers’ compensation benefits. If you were injured while working in Bowie, it is prudent to contact an attorney to discuss your options. The dedicated Bowie workers’ compensation attorneys of Foran & Foran, P.A. have ample experience helping people hurt at work get the benefits they are owed. If you hire the Law Firm of Foran & Foran, P.A., we will give your case the utmost attention to ensure that you get a fair result in your case.

Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Benefits Following Bowie Workplace Accidents

Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Act (the Act) dictates that employers owe their employees, who are injured in Bowie workplace accidents, payments for lost wages and the medical expenses they incur due to their injury. It is not necessary for a person hurt at work to prove their employer, or any other party, acted negligently or is otherwise at fault for the accident to trigger coverage under the Act. There could be a separate cause of action(in addition to the workers compensation claim) for negligence that should be discussed depending upon the facts of the accident. Notably, though, only employees can recover workers’ compensation benefits. In other words, independent contractors, casual employees, and other non-employees are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, the injury sustained must be accidental(unless there is a claim for occupational disease), and it must arise during and out of and in the course of employment. There are numerous cases that help define this massive body of law. Essentially, if the employee is doing something in furtherance of the employer’s interests, there will likely be workers’ compensation coverage. There are many exceptions to the rule and the exceptions are dealt with on a case by case basis.

For accidental injury cases, employees need to notify their employers of injuries caused by workplace accidents within ten days of when the accidental injury happens. The employees can notify their employers in writing or verbally. The employer then must file a first report of injury with the Workers’ Compensation Commission within ten days of being informed of the injury.

Benefits Available for Bowie Workplace Accidents

Eligible employees may be awarded medical benefits. Such benefits compensate the employee’s medical providers the cost of any doctor’s visits and treatment, including hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, and prescriptions, up to the statutory limit. If the employee has to miss work due to their injury, they may be awarded wage loss benefits as well. Injured employees may be deemed total or partially disabled, and their disability may be considered permanent or temporary.

Employees who miss more than three days of work are entitled to temporary total disability benefits in the amount of two-thirds of their average weekly wage, subject to certain limits. Generally, the injured workers will receive these benefits until they return to work or reach maximum medical improvement. Employees who can work, but not at their pre-injury capacity, may be deemed partially disabled and may be able to recover temporary partial disability benefits, which constitute a percentage of the difference between their pre and post-injury wages. Employees who are unable to resume their prior work or simply have difficulties doing their prior job may be deemed permanently disabled and may be owed permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits, depending on the nature and extent of their injuries. The injured worker may also be eligible for vocational training and rehabilitation.

If an employee dies in a workplace accident, their surviving family members may be owed death and dependency benefits. These benefits include the cost of funeral expenses and a percentage of the wages the deceased worker earned prior to their death. This is a very complicated part of the act and must be given careful consideration.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Bowie Attorney

Bowie workplace accidents often cause long-term physical and economic losses, and people who are injured at work may be owed benefits. If you sustained damages due to a workplace accident, you should talk to an attorney about your rights. The knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyers of Foran & Foran, P.A. are adept at handling claims for injured employees, and if we represent you, we will diligently pursue any benefits you may be owed. The Law Firm of Foran & Foran, P.A. has an office in Greenbelt, and we regularly represent injured workers in workers’ compensation matters in Bowie and other cities in Prince George’s County, Charles County, Anne Arundel County and Montgomery County. You can contact us to set up a confidential and free consultation by calling us at (301) 441-2022 or using our form online.

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