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Bowie Motorcycle Accidents

Bowie Attorneys Helping People Injured in Motorcycle Accidents Seek Justice

Many people who live in Bowie enjoy riding motorcycles for sport, while other Bowie residents find motorcycles to be a cost-effective and convenient method of transportation. Regardless of their motives, motorcyclists should be granted the same consideration as everyone else on the road. Unfortunately, though, many drivers ignore or overlook people on motorcycles until it is too late to avoid a collision. Crashes involving motorcycles typically cause catastrophic injuries, and the people responsible for such accidents should be held accountable. If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash in Bowie, it is advisable to speak to a lawyer about your potential claims. The seasoned Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys of Foran & Foran, P.A. are adept at helping parties harmed in Bowie motorcycle accidents recover compensation for their losses, and if we represent you, we will zealously pursue the full amount of damages you may be owed.

Obtaining Police Reports for Bowie Motorcycle Accidents

It is critical for people injured in motorcycle accidents to gather any evidence that could be used to demonstrate that another person is responsible for their harm. For example, people hurt in Bowie motorcycle crashes often want to obtain any reports produced by the police that investigated the accident. The City of Bowie is part of Prince George’s County. Reports for accidents that occurred within the County are available on and for a $10.00 fee. People seeking reports will need to provide the name of the party involved and the case number. Parties can also obtain crash reports from Prince George’s County Police Records, located at 4923 43rd Avenue, 3rd floor, Hyattsville, Maryland 20781, or from any Prince George’s County police station. A government-issued photo ID is required to obtain a report, and the cost is $10.00 per copy, payable by business checks or money order only. The records department requests that people wait at least 72 hours after a collision before requesting a copy of an accident report.

Recovering Damages for Bowie Motorcycle Accidents

Generally, the root cause of most Bowie motorcycle accidents is reckless driving. As such, in lawsuits arising out of such crashes, the plaintiff will typically assert a negligence claim against the defendant. In Maryland, negligence is comprised of four elements, and a plaintiff must prove each element to prove liability. First, the plaintiff has to establish that the defendant owed them a duty, which may be the duty to abide by traffic laws or to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. Second, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant breached the duty owed. Next, the plaintiff has to demonstrate they suffered damages, and lastly, they must show that the breach proximately caused the damages. In other words, that their losses would not have occurred had the defendant upheld their duty.

In many motorcycle accident lawsuits, the defendant will argue that the plaintiff caused the collision, and therefore, the plaintiff should be barred from recovering damages. Under Maryland’s pure contributory negligence law, if a plaintiff is deemed even partially responsible for a crash, they will be denied compensation. As such, it is critical for anyone hurt in a motorcycle collision to obtain an attorney that will gather the evidence needed to demonstrate they were not responsible for their crash.

A plaintiff that successfully establishes liability in a Bowie motorcycle accident case may be able to recover the cost of the medical treatment they needed after the accident or that they will need in the future. They may also be awarded damages for lost earnings. In many instances, they will also be granted compensation for the intangible losses they incurred, like pain, suffering, and mental trauma.

Speak with an Experienced Bowie Attorney Today

Motorcycle crashes can cause devastating harm, and in most cases, they are brought about by the negligent behavior of someone other than the motorcyclist. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, the experienced Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys of Foran & Foran, P.A. can advise you of your rights and help you to pursue a just outcome. We have an office in Greenbelt, and we regularly represent injured parties in motorcycle accident lawsuits in Bowie and other cities in Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. You can reach us to set up a confidential and free consultation by using our online form or calling us at (301) 441-2022.

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